Metal Cutting Solutioms
September 2, 2018

EDM Wires

Having been associated with various manufacturing industries for over three decades, we wouldn't be left behind when the industry started adopting advanced engineering processes to stay ahead of competition. Today, we have specialists with years of experience in high-end engineering who can rework, rebuild, refurbish and even change the equipment to meet your production needs. This is in addition to rendering complex and ground-breaking engineering solutions. To assist you in your advanced manufacturing processes, we offer products like Titanium Ingots, Wires, Sheets and Disc Shafts, High Temperature Super Alloys like Nickel, Cobalt and High Purity Magnesium and Alloys. We also offer products like Ceramic Multi Layer Capacitors, Semiconductor Fuses, Rectifiers, Diodes, etc. In fact we have supplied nearly 98% of all Piezometers, which are used for Piezoelectric materials and polymers in R&D Labs and other government establishments. Our list of products does not end here. We are able to source specialty products like Ceramic and Alumina Tubes, Nano powders of metals, Quartz products, Rare-earth metals like Titanium, Niobium, Tantalum and their alloys. We realized that the world was adopting techniques & processes, which were not part of conventional manufacturing processes, but could boost the entire process of 'transformation'. We were quick enough to bring technologies like Rapid Prototyping (RPT) machines for industrial, dental, medical, and jewellery industries as well as industry and Laser Welding for jewellery and industrial uses. We have expanded our range of services to provide the most advanced safety and security equipment today, these include: Container/Vehicle X-Ray Inspection and Under Vehicle Inspection Systems, Explosives Disposal Aids, Remote Substance Detection Systems, Long Range Search Lights, NBC Decontamination Suit, Night Vision Devices and Advanced Searchlight Systems, Ballistic Protection and Long-Range Cameras. Meet your precision welding equipment and service requirements in the way you want them... on your schedule. You can expect from our Tech Center... Fulfillment of your precision welding equipment needs - Precision weld lab to equipment specialization and sales. Consulting services to assist you with parts design and tolerances as well as alloy choice and crack sensitivity. Experience with welding of various packages, sensors, medical devices, and other critical instruments. Engineering know-how in all aspects of precision welding including orbital welding of stainless steel, nickel, hastelloy, copper nickel, titanium, aluminum, and other special alloys. Training and Field Support Our Principal "OR Laser" staff trains and qualifies contractors' welders on orbital welding equipment in India. We cater to Government, Universities, Research and Development, Optoelectronic, Plastic Die mold, Automobiles, Aerospace and Other Industries.