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Fixturing System 4000 for Wire EDM



    The Fixturing System 4000 is the result of continuing further developments of the Fixturing System 2000. Available on the market since 1986 and is integrated in the new System 4000. 

    The Fixturing System 4000 can be mounted on any wire electrical discharge machine.

    It is completely compatible to the pallets and electrode holders of the Fixturing System 5000 and vice versa. Adapters to other systems are available upon request.

    The workpiece holders can be used for all purposes. Workpieces with a weight up to 12 kg (26.45 lbs) can be clamped in various holders, and up to 30 kg (66.13 lbs) in the vises. Parts up to 100 kg (220.5 lbs) can be held between two cross beams fixed with beam vises.

    Connection of workpiece holders to the clamper mounted on the Wire EDM table is achieved by the use of HIRSCHMANN's well known centering Vee blocks and Z-support design which guarantees a repetitive accuracy of < 0.002 mm (0.00008").

    Quality According to DIN EN ISO 9001 
    All HIRSCHMANN GMBH products are produced using the latest production methods, and are subject to quality assurance measures as per DIN EN ISO 9001 both during production and in the product stage.

    Most tools are supplied with an operating manual. Correct operation cannot be guaranteed and danger to personnel and machine cannot be excluded unless these operating instructions and information given in this catalogue are observed.

    The individual tool planes incorporate hardened and precision ground centering Vee blocks and separate Z supports. This assures position centering of each tool. A repetitive accuracy (consistency) of < 0.002 mm (0.00008") is achieved

    Maintenance and Service
    Since the fixturing system is subject to chemical and physical influences, maintenance and service has to be performed with special care.

    The current flow requires a good connection (contact) between the beams and workpiece holders. The conductivity of the water and chlorides normally contained in the water, can influence the rust-resisting property of the Fixturing Systems.

    Residues from the electrical discharge process, especially copper particles which can develop secondary EDMing (corrosion), have to be removed once a day. Only use a clean and soft cloth. Do not use grease or oil.

    Technical Modifications
    All products shown in this catalogue are subject to continuous further developments. We reserve the right for technical modifications.


Products Details


HIRSCHMANN Fixturing System 4000
 high precision and versatility for workpiece weights up to 100 kg/220.5 lbs
 solid and not susceptible to shocks or vibration
 constistent accuracy
 positive connection of the tool plane
 0.002 mm (0.00008") repetitive accuracy
 not affected by dirt· not affected by heat. The center will be kept, even in case of an extreme temperature rise (cross hair centering)
 Compatible with all HIRSCHMANN Systems

All components of the Fixturing System are made of highest quality stainless steel. The components are vacuum-hardened and precision ground on the clamping and function surfaces and are also completely surface treated. Daily maintenance and cleaning are required to maintain long life and repeatability.

All HIRSCHMANN products are produced according to the most modern production methods. They are tested both during production and as end products to meet the measures of the quality control according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Fixturing is guaranteed for a period of 12 months after the invoice date.
This warranty is limited to free replacements and the repair of faulty parts. No further claims will be accepted.
Warranty claims have to be submitted to us in writing immediately.


  • 2 Basic beams with fastening screws B40.
  • 2 Cross Beam Q 42
  • 2 Adjustable END Stops H4320
  • 3 Support Plates H 4366.
  • 1Beam Vise Kit Consisting of :
  • 1 Solid Jaw H 4312
  • 1 clamper H 4312.1
  • 1 "B" Beam Clamper H 4300
  • Hirischmann Fixturing System 4000
  • High precision and versatility for workpiece weights up to 100Kg/220.5lbs
  • Solid and non susceptible to shocks or vobration
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Positive connection of the tool plane
  • 0.002 mm (0.00008")repetetive accuracy
  • Rust-resistant
  • Not affected by dirt
  • Not affected by heat. The center will be kept, even incase of an extreme
  • temperature rise (cross hair centering)
  • Compatible with all HIRSCHMANN Systems