• A matrix of TiCN with carbide as a metal binder, Ssangyong Cermets are tougher than ceramics and harder than tungsten carbides
    • It shows greater wear resistance than carbide and its cutting speed is also much higher than carbide
    • Cermet inserts give excellent surface finish and high-speed machining

Products Details

  • Four different grades for different workpiece and cutting condition
  • Ideal for high-speed finishing and milling of mild steel, carbon steel and alloy steel
  • Excellent performance in turning, grooving, boring, bearing and milling

Tx510 Excellent wear resistance
Outstanding surface finish
Fine-finishing and boring for steel Harder

Tx910 TiN coating
Tx515 Wear resistance and high mechanical strength
Finishing and boring for carbon steel and alloy steel
Tx915 TiN coating
Tx520 Excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance
The first choice for machining steel
Turning, grooving, boring and bearing for steel
Tx920 TiN coating
Tx530 The toughest cermet grade
Wide range of milling for steel materials
Tx930 TiN coating