Prestige OPTIMA™ is a significant breakthrough by Certus to develop a new generation, gypsum bonded investment that consistently provides superior, ultra smooth casting surfaces for a variety of today’s pattern materials including:

Products Details

  • Highest batch to batch consistency in the industry
  • Mixes easily to a creamy, pourable slurry
  • Incorporates environmentally friendly control chemicals Faster initial set after gloss—off
  • Low rise under vacuum
  • Superior temperature resistance in burn-out. Reduces porosity and finishing time.
  • Captures even the most delicate details Optima is proven to provide ultra-smooth casting surfaces, unmatched by any other brand
  • Environmentally friendly control chemicals.
  • Superior temperature resistance during burnout.
  • Reduces porosity and finishing time as a separate feature.




  • 1. Standard injection waxes
  • 2. Carving waxes
  • 3. Resin patterns (SLA)
  • 4. Wax based polymers
  • 5. Hybrid wax / plastic patterns