Prestige SPARKLE™ is a special application, gypsum bonded investment developed by Certus for casting 'Stone in Place' (wax setting). Pre-blended with special, technical grade anti-oxidizing ingredients, SPARKLE™ forms a reliable, protective barrier (heat shield) that protects diamonds and other expensive stones from clouding, or burning during the burnout and casting process. Engineered with environmentally friendly control chemicals.

Products Details


  • Uses the highest purity raw materials available
  • Pre-blended premium investment formula for casting 'Stone in Place' (Wax setting)
  • Provides a protective barrier for diamonds. precious and semi precious stones cast in place up to a temperature of 630°C
  • Superior mold strength provides clean, flash free castings from top to bottom of tree
  • Smooth, creamy, easy flow formula provides bubble free castings using normal working times
  • For all non-ferrous metals and gold up to 24K Easier removal and clean up of castings

<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 20.8px;\"="">SPARKLE™


<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 20.8px;\"="">SPARKLE™