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Rotating Burnout Furnace (RBF-S)


    Minimization of
    Uneven Burning of Molds
    Uniform temperature distribution inside the rotary
    electric furnace minimizes uneven burning of the molds.
    Furthermore, it is not necessary to change
    the position of the molds during burning.

    Minimization of Pollution and
    Odor Caused by Smoke
    The afterburner with a unique burning system
    re-burns smoke inside the furnace,
    thus minimizing pollution and odor caused by smoke.

    Maximum Burning Temperature: 950 ℃
      This maximum burning temperature is optimum
    for casting of gold, silver and platinum.

    Compact Size
    The unit is also suitable for multi-product and
    small lot production.
    In spite of its compactness, the unit can
    store up to 13 molds that are 101 mm in diameter.

    Overheat Prevention Device
         If the set temperature is exceeded,
    the power is automatically turned off.

Products Details

Power supply AC 220 V ± 10%, single phase
Power consumption 6 KVA
Temperature setting range 0 ℃ ~ 950 ℃
Temperature display range 0 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃
Temperature display resolution 1 ℃
Furnace temperature
control accuracy
set temperature ± 2 ℃
(Under stable condition at 100 ~ 950 ℃)
Afterburner The afterburner is turned on simultaneously with
the start ofautomatic operation, and it is turned off
when the furnacetemperature exceeds 650 ℃ in Step 3.
Temperature display
accuracyIndication of rotational
± 5 ℃ at 0 ~ 1,000 ℃
position of rotary tables position 1 ~ 18
Operation steps 4 steps (S1 ~ 4)
Number of memories 4 (M1 ~ 4)
Setting of step start time It is possible to set the start time up to
9 days 23 hours 50 minutes ahead.
Power failure detection time 5 minutes or longer (A power failure for
less than 5 minutesis considered to be
an instantaneous power interruption.)
Maximum height of mold (flask) 230mm
Number of molds
(Flasks) that can be set up
φ100-13, φ89-15, φ76-19
External dimension
(Including the afterburner)
825 (W) × 708 (D) × 1,984 (H) mm
Weight of main body About 200Kg