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    Graphite is the most dominant & preferred EDM electrode material used for the Electrical Discharged Machining (EDM) Application.

    NICKUNJ has state of the art machining facility to cater to all EDM electrode machining. Our CNC machining facility can deliver high tolerance machining along with timely delivery. We have modern designing software that can  
    assist us in catering to your needs. In parallel our facility also has turning, milling, grinding, drilling capability to manufacture a wide range of machined Graphite components.

Products Details

Machinability is likely the most important factor in determining the use of an electrode material. If it cannot be machined, then it cannot be EDM'd. In some circumstances, Copper can take as much as five times longer to machine than Graphite. This is because Copper is a difficult material when it comes to machining and fine finishing. In addition, when considering thin ribs or fine detail, Copper again is not the material of choice because it does not have the strength to resist tool push, friction heat or rough handling.
NICKUNJ GrapphiteTM , on the other hand, can consistently be machined two to three times faster than metals with no post process required, such as de-burring. NICKUNJ GrapphiteTM  is easy to machine using standard machining procedures.


The metal removal rate (MRR), more commonly known as the speed of the cut, refers to how fast metal is removed from the cavity. Since Copper has a higher range of thermal conductivity, the heat from the EDM process will quickly spread through the electrode. As the temperature of the electrode increases, the electrical resistance also increases, and much of the energy needed to create the EDM spark is turned into heat within the electrode. On the other hand, NICKUNJ  GrapphiteTM  has a lower thermal conductivity than Copper, helping it maintain fairly constant resistance at elevated temperatures. This ensures that the energy needed to create the spark is actually creating a more efficient spark.
This difference in thermal conductivity gives NICKUNJ  GrapphiteTM advantage over Copper while achieving MRR at approximately twice the speed.