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NICKUNJ Flexible Graphite NCK995


    NICKUNJ, a market leader for fine grain carbons and graphites, presents the purest Flexible


    This product is used mainly for seals and gaskets and also in thermal & electrical applications, due to its remarkable properties and environmental safety.


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Electrical: Improvement of Electrical contacts at high temperature vacuum metalisation, power supplies etc.
 Protective elements
 Insulation against diffusion of impurities in vacuum furnaces or controlled atmosphere furnaces
 Ingot moulds, crucibles, casting moulds for molten metals
 For hot or molten glass
 For protection of equipment against hot gases or corrosive liquids
 During soldering or brazing operation
 In the form of facilitate removal form mould in hot pressing or sintering operations


Metal Casting:
NICKUNJ Flexible Graphite NCK995® protects graphite moulds and ingot moulds against penetration by certain metals and alloys; it stops the rapid deterioration of expensive

Dynamic seals:  stuffing box sealing rings for: pumps, valves, chemical equipment.
Rotating rings
Valve seats


Static seals:
flange seals
gaskets for exhaust gas manfolds
cylinder head gaskets
pump casing gaskets

Glass Industry: Is not affected by molten or semi - molten glass. It does not scratch moulded products whilst they are still hot, nor does it cause local cooling when in contact with them (no glazing). It may therefore be used for gland packing of push rods, support plates and for replacing asbestos base material with a totally innocuous product.


Other applications:
In operations involving hot compression and in particular in sintering, the thinnest NCK995® may be used as a lining to facilitate removal from the mould. In soldering and brazing operations, particularly on delicate components, which is not affected by molten metals, may be used to limit the work zone and so protect adjacent areas from the risk of damage.