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Quartz Fibers


    QUARTZ Fibers produced from high purity (99.95%) SiO2. High silica and quartz fibers can be made into rovings or yarns, or woven into fabrics similar to ordinary fiber glass. However, high silica and quartz compared to fiber glass differ in thermal properties. High silica and quartz have very low coefficients of linear thermal expansion, can be heated to 1095°C (2000°F) and plunged into water without damage. The difference between high silica and quartz fibers is the cost and strength. High quality quartz needed for quartz fibers, which is fairly rare, is mined mainly in Brazil, while the raw material for high silica fiber is the same as ordinary glass fiber (common silica sand). The-high temperature strength of quartz fiber is considerably stronger than that of the high silica fiber.


Products Details

Ceramic & Quartz Fibers are high Temperature Fiber work above 1200 C & remain Stable below that temperature.

It is highly Purified form of Silica (SiO2) as to remain unaffected up to Temperature +900 C




Purity Operation Temperature Density Elastic Modulus Elongation / breaking Ratio
≥99.95% 1200 2.2 78 Gpa 4.6%


The principal quartz components applied in semiconductor production processes are Quartz crucibles, Quartz tubing, Quartz boat, Quartz rod, Quartz ring, Quartz plate, Quartz Tank, quartz window, etc.

  Quartz glass crucible supplied 18 inch and 20 inch.

  Large Diameter Tubing supplied up to = Ø150mm x Ø156mm x 2200mm.

  Quartz Ring up to Ø 500.
  Quartz Tank up to = 750mm x 400mm x 400mm .
  Quartz plate up to = 1800mm x 900mm .

  Custom-made is available.