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    The Nickunj range Of EDM Graphite sold under brand name "NICKUNJ GRAPHITES" includes low end roughing to premium fines finishing.
    Our EDM Graphite is sold through all india presence of our branches with a strong focus on technical support and short delivery.
    Our 30 years of rich hands-on experience has given us the wisdom to recommend the best grade  for various Electric Discharge Machining solutions

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Manufacturing Facility

Nickunj Has state of the art machining facility to cater to all EDM electrode machining.Our CNC machining facility can deliver high tolerance machining along with timely delivery.We have modern designing software that can assist us in catering to your needs.In parallel our facility also has turning ,milling ,grinding, drilling capability to manufacture  a wide range of machined Graphite components.


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Recommended Grades



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Surface Finish

Fine grain Nickunj GraphiteTM  will deliver similar finishes much faster than copper, with less wear of electrode.Finishes of 7 Ra(in), with orbiting pattern that require no hand polishing, are easily achieved.