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Aramid Fabric


    Aramid fiber is an aromatic polyamide, better known by the trademark, Aramid fiber is a high strength, intermediate modulus, organic fiber. Its high tenacity and low thermal shrinkage make it similar to S glass. It is inherently flame resistant and self-extinguishing, charring at 800ºF (425ºC).

    Fabrics woven of Aramid fiber combine very high strength-to-weight properties with excellent abrasion and cut resistance.

    They exhibit good environmental stability, retaining useful properties over a wide range of temperatures, and offering good chemical resistance to most weak acids and alkalis, keystones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, oils and dry cleaning solvents.

    Fabrics woven of Aramid are golden in color but turn tawny in the presence of UV. Aramid fiber exhibits poor flex resistance and will cut itself. It is not dye able.