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d33 PiezoMeter Systems

    • A range of equipment for direct testing of piezoelectric materials and devices
    • Piezometer System is useful for measuring d33 coefficient of Piezoelectric material.This is also applicable to piezo-ceramics, PVDF polymers, composites and thin film. In this instrument options are available for testing of capacitance, dh coefficient and dielectric loss tan δ   for high-sensitivity testing of low-output materials.Adapters are available for testing of d31 and d15 in the same way.

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Products Details


  • High-repeatability mechanism giving better than 1% repeatability
  • All systems directly measure d33
  • Direct reading for almost any shape and size
  • Variable test force and frequency
  • Maximum 0.01 pC/N resolution (PM200 & PM300)
  • Many features beyond those of a standard 'd33 meter':
  • Options to measure g33, d31, d15, g31, g15, C, eT33, tan d, etc.


  • Assessment and Quality Control for Piezoelectric / Ceramic Material
  • Research and Development

It is fast, convenient, accurate and unique within the industry. The PiezoMeter offers superior resolution and consistency compared to static methods, and is appropriate to almost any sample geometry. Our PiezoMeter systems give direct front panel readings of d33 - no additional processing or equipment is needed. This is highly repeatable measuring instrument even for very soft or delicate devices or for thin films.