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SA Part-off And Grooving System

    • Grooving System for parting -Off and Grooving
                   economical solution up to dia.65mm
    • Monoblock design
                   for maximum stability
    • Stable insert clamping with biprism
                   accurate insert positioning /pulling out the insert is not possible
    • sintered inserts woth special geometries
                   cheap insert - 2 Cutting Edges
    • Process reliability - simple hndling
                    with just one spare part
    • 3 insert sizes/2 cutting width / 3 geometries
                    optimum solution to each application

Products Details


AP5020(TILAN -PVD - Coated Fine -Grain Carbide)
A universal grade .Main application areas are steel.Also suitable for part-off and grooving of stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non ferrous materials.

AP2220 (Multilayer -CVD -Coated Fine -Grain Carbide)
Combination of wear resitance and cutting edge stability.Main application area is alloy and cast material.Also suitable for stainless steel under stable conditions.

Programm expansion :Width 2mm -Geometry S1
Description :SA24 - 2002N-S2 AP5020
- Soft Cut
- Special geometriesfor stainless steel
- Problem solver for machining steel (chip formation)
- Feed rate : 0,03 - 15 mm



Insert positioning achives easy handling of center -height (important for parting -off to 0)
Machining of center -height +/ -0,025mm
Hard machining possible for tempered materials
Long inserts are parting -off straight + achieve better tool life through less lateral spining
Insert positioning reduces diffrences in center -height during insert replacement.