Measuring Equipments: Tool Presetting Machine - KHYAN

    Overall dimensions:

    • Length = 1247 mm
    • Height = 1730 mm
    • Depth = 614mm

Products Details

Mechanics/electronics/optics standard equipment

  • Measuring range: diameter max. 400 mm (radius 200 mm); height max. 500 mm
  • Machine structure in stainless-steel offering high mechanical resistance and long life, floor mounted with self-leveling supports in non-deformable steel, equipped of adjustable supports for monitor, keyboard and mouse with cable conduits
  • Base and column made of natural granite: linearity max error 2 μm/Mt –certification with Taylor Hobson res.1 μm/Mt. electronic millesimal level
  • ISO / BT / HSK / VDI… etc. Interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (to be specified) max run-out error < 2 μm
  • Double vault arc prismatic slide ways: n°2 X axis slide ways, n°1 Z axis slide way. For life lubricated double re-circulating ball bearing slides (3) (preloading slides/ slide ways: P/H class)
  • Universal mechanical tool clamping managed via software
  • Control via software with sensor of empty for the exact position between the tool-holder axis and the machine spindle axis, no error of concentricity
  • Pneumatic-mechanic brake of the spindle-holder rotation with radial compensation of the clamping force: no axis angular run error
  • Constant load Archimedean spiral spring (as opposed to a mass counterbalance system)
  • Double monitor for the images reading out and the measure function management


  • Tools measure and cutting inspection:
  • TFT screen colors 10,4”, magnifications 35X LVDS (on the column support)
  • C-MOS sensor 1,3 Mega pixels, USB 2 link High speed Area framed image 12,8 x 10 mm (4 times as great as the standard)


  • Measure management and machine operator interface:
  • LCD Monitor colors 17” TFT SXGA (on the adjustable support of the machine base)
  • Celeron M® Processor on Industrial Main Board architecture
  • Operating system: UBUNTU, LINUX
  • Keyboard / Mouse
  • X and Z axis block management with control max. Speed of translation 2mm/sec


  • Software standard:
  • Tool set compiler and post processor universal generator
  • CNC machine origin management and adapters
  • Tool list creation and/or single tool, even multi-cutting
  • Automatic change of CNC machine origin allocation
  • Reading/writing module on magnetic chip code-holders (Balluff for example, hardware not included)
  • Tool images shooting in inspection and its rescue in graphical format


  • Optical Equipment:
  • Telecentric lens
  • Doublet lenses at low F/Number in order to eliminate the error of the clearness circle.
  • Episcopic illuminator with ring lens and red led’s; diascopic illuminator with red, puntiform light led
  • ELBO CONTROLLI Linear Transducers in optical glass type SLIDE 371 certified HP laser
  • Axes resolution: X=1 μm, Z=1 μm
  • Anti-dust cover provided for when not in use