Tool Cabinet


    Industrial Storage Products: Tool Cabinet

    Tool cabinet is a unique design for storage of tooling, instruments, clamping elements and tool holder. Adjustment divider is provided to store various items in the same drawer without mixing. Slide with ball bearing on each drawer for smooth carrying of heavy load and reduce swagging.This should protect costly precise items from dust, moisture and also from being misplaced.


    Floor space required is 24" W × 25" D.

    Maximum tool height can be store 300mm.

Products Details

Model Tools Holder Capacity Max.Wt
TC 30 BT/ISO/CAT 30 36 Nos 80 Kg
TC 40 BT/ISO/CAT 40 25 Nos 100 Kg
TC 50 BT/ISO/CAT 50 16 Nos 120 Kg
TC 63 HSK 63 25 Nos 100 Kg
TC 100 HSK 100 16 Nos 120 Kg