Tool Holder Tray


    Industrial Storage Products: Tool Holder Tray

    Trays are designed for storage of small number of tool holder.They are made from CRCA sheet and tube - powder coated. ABS cups are provided for safekeeping of tool holders.Trays are inclined at 30°. Normal size of the tray is 32" L × 5" W.


    It is available in two models i.e.'Table Top' which can be kept on table or self and 'Wall Mounting' to be nailed against wall.

Products Details

Model Tools Holder Capacity Max.Wt
TR 30 BT/ISO/CAT 30 7 Nos 100 Kg
TR 40 BT/ISO/CAT 40 6 Nos 125 Kg
TR 50 BT/ISO/CAT 50 5 Nos 150 Kg
TR 63 HSK 63 6 Nos 125 Kg
TR 100 HSK 100 5 Nos 150 Kg