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Close Drawer Trolley


    Industrial Storage Products: Close Drawer Trolley

    This trolley is covered on all sides to protect tool holders from moisture and dust.There are 4 trays, two on either side. Two drawers are provided at the top with telescopic slide that can take maximum of 25 kg load.Top of the drawer is covered by aluminum checkered plate for keeping drawing, measuring instrument, gauges, clamping elements near to the machine.This is a fixed type design with tubular frame.

Products Details

Model Tools Holder Capacity Max.Wt
CD 30 BT/ISO/CAT 30 28 Nos 150 Kg
CD 40 BT/ISO/CAT 40 24 Nos 150 Kg
CD 50 BT/ISO/CAT 50 20 Nos 200 Kg
CD 63 BT/ISO/CAT 63 24 Nos 150 Kg
CD 100 BT/ISO/CAT 100 20 Nos 150 Kg