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MAG Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

    • Precision down to detail
    • Consistent beam quality
    • Available in 10-50 W
    • Mark on the fly option
    • HPGL, BMP, JPG, AI, DXF, CAD files also permitted.
    • High resolution, high contrast
    • Flexible shapes and lot sizes
    • Automation options
    • Low start-up costs

Products Details

Marking and engraving with flexible and computer-aided control.

The BASE laser unit can be integrated very easy, for example, in production facilities for series production. By its flexibility the BASE laser unit is suitable for any size of components. As an option, marking on the fly" is available, which is ideal for the labelling of movable components. The BOX model is aimed at users who often process small components of up to 10 kg. The automatic lettering field of 115 x 115 mm is ideally sized, whether for single parts or small series.