• Quick and short cycle times
    • Precise and uniform parts quality
    • Flexible integration and manufacturing
    • Protection class IP67 for rough use conditions
    • Large selection of filler materials
    • Also permits welding of dissimilar materials
    • Robot-controlled laser system

Products Details

One installation. Three technologies: Welding, Hardening, Deposition welding.

The advantages of laser welding include the low thermal load for the material and the high speed of the process. As such, the welding speed which can be realized with welding of stainless steel with a track width of approximately 1.6 mm and a melting depth of 1.4 mm is around 2 m/min with a laser The high welding speed and the small weld width cause a clearly smaller heat-affected zone in the immediate vicinity if the weld during laser welding. The internal stress resulting with this is clearly smaller than with conventional welding processes. Welding can be done with and without a filler material.