T90cn - 3,5


    Milling & Rotary Attachments: LINEA CONTROL Series - for machining centers with automatic tool changer


    A major feature of the CONTROL heads is the main input shaft, which is integral with the drive taper to ensure maximum rigidity.


Products Details

This range of heads is designed to be used on machining centers and can be automatically transferred from the tool magzaine to the machine spindle and back.The orientation ring and arrester arm, which carries the arrester pin, can both be rotated through 360º.This allows easy adjustment of the drive taper and head relative to arrester block mounted on the front of the machining centers spindle housing. On TCU heads, the cutter spindle housing can also swivel from 0º to 90º. When the head is unloaded from the machine spindle, a safety latch prevents the drive taper from rotating.