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Permanent Magnetic Lifter


    Permanent Magnetic Lifter with patented test position



    An advanced Manufacturing process

    The NICKIFT lifters are designed with spring loaded lever which acts as a safety device during magnetisation and demagnetisation. It prevents any possible accidental deactivation.The magnetisation process is done by a unique, high powered unit with lifter totally asssembled ensuring a perfect balance of magnetic circuit : the result is a line of compact, sturdy reliable, maintenance free and low weight, powerful lifters.

Products Details


Safe and Concentrated Power

High energy permanent magnets ensure great concentrated and constant power with no power supply from mains.The 3:1 safety factor of recommended load to safe load ensures optimal working conditions with substantial operating air gaps. The high magnetic strength of NICKIFT is shown by the strong resistance to operate the handle when the load conditions are not perfect


Load Characteristics