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Universal Drill and Tap Grinder


    Grinding capacity: PP- 60N : Ø 2-Ø 60mm (straigh shank & taper shank)

    PP - 80N: Ø 4-Ø 80mm (straigh shank & taper shank)

    PP - 100: Ø 5-Ø 100mm (straigh shank & taper shank)

    • The kind of grinding tools include: drills,step drills,taps,counter sink,round bars,lips of end mills etc.
    • Adapt the precise 6" scroll chuck, clipping-one time
    • It can grind the blade of drills and do the paring of drills abdomen
    • The angle of drills and the length of the blade are the same after- grinding
    • It can keep the drill center without off center
    • The main spindle have grinding wheel - 2pcs.The blade and the center of drills can be ground one at a time. It saves the time for changing the grinding wheel
    • The motor can be removed 160mm up & down, it can increase the control of the machinery

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